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Auto Accident Lawyer Maryland

Auto Accident Lawyer Maryland

The East Coast of the United States is a crowded place, especially around the major cities like New York and Philadelphia. Traffic is particularly bad near Washington, D.C. thanks to nearby Baltimore and Annapolis, and there are tens of thousands of accidents every year within the District of Columbia alone.

For most accidents in the D.C. area, there are no real surprises. The drivers exchange insurance information, the police might write up a report if the damage is bad, and the insurance company for the driver at fault pays for damages. But life isn’t always as neat and tidy, and when that’s the case you need an auto accident lawyer for Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

Let The Professionals Make Life Easier

An auto accident can get complicated quickly for plenty of different reasons. For one thing, you could have an accident where it’s not obvious who’s responsible and no driver admits any fault. You could run into an uninsured driver, or the accident could cause major, lingering damage like a traumatic brain injury, and brain injuries sometimes don’t show their full effects until days or weeks after a collision.

On top of that, insurance companies aren’t always as willing as they should be to pay out a claim. Insurance providers keep profits up and premiums low by paying out as little as they can, and so the bigger the claim is the more likely they are to investigate closely and find any reason they can to avoid paying the full amount. So while your claims adjuster isn’t necessarily your enemy, he or she isn’t your friend, either.

Instead, that’s where we come in. Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp are attorneys at law who can serve as your auto accident lawyer in Maryland, D.C., or Virginia. We represent injured parties in personal injury cases and help them get the compensation they deserve from insurance companies and from negligent companies and individuals. With our legal advice and negotiating skills, we can significantly improve the odds of you getting a better settlement.

Get Help In Any Of Our Practice Areas

While our legal team can serve as an auto accident lawyer for Maryland car collisions, we also take cases in other areas of personal injury law.

• Dog bite incidents where a person is negligent in controlling or posting proper warnings about dangerous pets and wild animals under their care.
• Defective product damages, including bodily damage or illnesses caused by unlabeled but dangerous products, property damage caused by defects, and refunds for expensive products that break from normal use.
• Premise liability cases, also known as “slip and fall” accidents. Property managers have a responsibility to keep their premises safe and accessible, or at least to warn guests away from dangerous areas, and if they fail they can be held liable for injuries.
• Wrongful death cases that represent the direct relatives or estate of a victim because the person in question can no longer file a lawsuit.
• Malicious damage incidents. Most criminal cases have a connected civil case to compensate the victims of a crime, and we can represent those victims.

People in the United States have a responsibility to look out for their own safety and the safety of others, and Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp make sure the people and corporations who are negligent about safety pay a price for their dereliction.

Your Success Is In Our Best Interest

When you need an auto accident lawyer in Maryland or any other state, you might worry about how much a professional legal expert might cost. But that’s not a problem in America, because personal injury lawyers only take a percentage of the settlement. If you don’t win anything, neither do we.

This is so the legal system can help everyone no matter how much money they make or how much they can spare on legal fees. Insurance companies and other corporations make millions or even billions of dollars every year, but you have a right to demand compensation for injuries no matter what your yearly income is.

For a lot of auto accidents in the D.C. area the settlement process is simple and straightforward, but when things get messy you need an auto accident lawyer with Maryland, D.C., and Virginia credentials. That’s just what we offer at Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, so contact us today if you need legal advice or representation.