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2 Issues That Can Lead To Premises Liability Claims

Premises Liability Attorney Washington DC - 2 Issues To Be Aware Of

Landowners are responsible for certain injuries that their guests receive while on their property. When they have homeowners insurance, the policy may take care of the issue at hand. However, if they have no coverage, they are liable for the other person’s recovery costs out of pocket. Meanwhile, there are homeowners who simply refuse to pay for anything. When an injured party finds themselves in such a predicament, it is in their best interest to contact a premises liability attorney Washington DC. The professional can help the victim recover compensation. Before a lawsuit can be filed, the lawyer will need to make sure of three things:

  • The Plaintiff Must Be An Invitee Or A Licensee
  • Negligence Or Another Wrongful Act Must Have Occurred
  • The Defendant Must Possess The Land

A person can discover where their claim stands by calling a premises liability attorney Washington DC from the firm of Wingfield, Ginsburg and Lipp, P.C. We offer free case evaluations because victims have enough going on in their lives without worrying about coming up with funds for a consultation.

Why Would You Need A Premises Liability Attorney Washington DC

We will now focus on two common issues that often cause premises liability claims to come to fruition. Hence, curious individuals should stick around and read on to learn more.

1. Broken Steps

Imagine for a moment that you arrive at a neighbor’s home for a party and attempt to climb the steps to go inside, but your foot goes through the stairs and you fall backward. Not only do you break your ankle, but you also experience a concussion. Then, the homeowner says they had meant to fix the problem but had never gotten around to doing so. After the hospital stay, you attempt to get money from them to cover your medical costs, but they say no. A lawyer can help you recoup your losses in such a situation.

2. Poor Lighting Around A Pool

Many people like throwing pool parties for neighbors and friends. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as guests can swim, frolic, and have fun for hours. However, if the backyard is dark due to the lack of light fixtures or missing bulbs, a catastrophe could strike in the blink of an eye. For example, let’s say that a guest walks along the pool’s edge but can’t see the float or toy in their path. They slip and fall into the water, hitting their head along the way and drowning.

Afterward, the insurance company denies the family’s wrongful death claim, stating that the deceased party was somewhat responsible for the incident. The surviving relatives can find themselves having to pay for their loved one’s final expenses. An attorney can assist in resolving accidental drownings too.

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