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3 Injuries You Could Get In A Car Crash

Personal Injury Lawyer DC - 3 Injuries From A Car Crash

Have you been involved in an auto accident recently? We hope not and that it stays that way. However, if you haven’t experienced a crash, that means you might not know the types of injuries that come from them. We’re here to discuss three common wounds people receive in collisions. Then, if you’re ever in an accident, hopefully, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Ahead of getting into them, we must talk about something else, though. Did you know that a personal injury lawyer DC might be able to recover compensation for you following an accident? It’s true. Personal injury law is a wide-ranging field that covers many topics, including car crashes. Therefore, if you need to file a lawsuit against a negligent party or an insurance company, you can hire a personal injury lawyer DC to represent you in the matter and fight on your behalf for what you deserve. Three injuries you could get in a wreck are as follows.

1. Whiplash

Of course, whiplash makes this list; who hasn’t heard of it? Sudden back and forth movements of the neck and head cause whiplash. The injury is very common in rear-end collisions because they make peoples’ heads jolt back and forth violently. Most folks with whiplash recover from it within weeks, but there are occasions where the symptoms last for months or years too.

2. Fractures/Broken Bones

When car crashes occur, the scene isn’t always pretty. Bent doors, crumpled roofs, and smashed front or rear-ends can usually be found at them. Legs and arms can become pinned, twisted, and crushed in auto collisions. If you experience these issues, broken bones may develop, requiring casts or surgeries to repair.

3. Lacerations, Tears, And Punctures

There’s also broken glass, sharp metal objects, and pointed plastic at crash sites. Those pieces can cut, tear, or puncture a person’s skin, muscles, or ligaments. The jagged edges could hit arteries or organs and make the injuries life-threatening as well.

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