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3 Tips For Evidence Collection After An Auto Accident

3-tips-for-evidence-collection-after-an-auto-accident Modern technology has made it much easier than it once was to collect evidence after an auto accident. Car accident attorneys Washington DC will let you know just how important evidence collection is after an accident has occurred, and why you not only want to collect evidence, but good evidence at that. Your insurance claim lawyer Washington DC will use your evidence to support your case should your insurance provider deny the settlement you need to get back on your feet, and when your insurance claims attorney Washington DC is equipped with great evidence, you’re more likely to get the compensation you deserve.


Tip 1: Photos Of The Accident And Accident Scene


With nearly everyone in the DC area owning a smartphone, and all of these smartphones equipped with high-powered cameras, taking photos of an accident scene has never been easier than it is today. If you are able, take photos of the damage to the vehicle, any skid marks left on the road, and photos of the general accident scene to be kept in your evidence collection. After an accident has occurred, remembering exactly what happened and the circumstances surrounding the accident can be difficult. Your photos will not only serve as physical proof of damages, but a way to mark your memory at the same time.

If your injuries do not allow you to take photos of the accident scene a passenger or a witness may be able to do it for you. If this cannot be done, you may wish to return to the accident scene when you are able and document the road conditions or any leftover marks on the road at that point.


Tip 2: Retain The Other Drivers’ Information


After an accident, you should also collect the information of the other driver for your evidence collection as well. This information should include their name, their driver’s license number, and their insurance information. Collecting this evidence may not always be possible, such as in cases of hit and run accidents, but it does provide a great help if you are able to obtain it.


Tip 3: Collecting Witness Information


When you’re in an auto accident on the road, there is like to be witnesses around who viewed the accident as well as the surrounding circumstances. If you’re able, obtain witness names, contact information, and license plate numbers if available just in case you need to call on their account later on.

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