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4 Types Of Evidence That Should Be Prioritized After An Auto Accident

Maryland Car Accident Attorney And 4 Types Of Evidence

Your Maryland car accident attorney is tasked with building a strong foundation for your area auto accident case. Using evidence, documentation, and facts, they’ll fight for you to get the compensation you deserve to help you to recover from your accident once and for all. Where the client comes in is helping to collect the necessary evidence your attorney needs to make sure your case is as strong as possible. 

There are a lot of bits and pieces of evidence that may be collected after a Maryland car accident. 4 types of evidence that can help your Maryland car accident attorney to represent your case the most are: 

1. Police reports – After an accident has occurred, even minor, the local authorities should be called to make an accident report. The accident report is written by a third party simply outlining the facts of the accident, and these police reports can then be obtained by calling the reporting police department later on. Police reports serve as reliable and factual proof of the circumstances surrounding the accident. 

2. Photographs of the scene – If you’re able, taking photographs of the accident scene gives you a strong collection of evidence. Take photos of the damaged vehicles, any skid marks left on the road, road conditions, and any signage that may be relevant to your accident. If any property was damaged inside of the vehicle, taking photos of this as well can be helpful. 

3. Medical records – Even if you feel “fine” in the immediate aftermath of an accident, it’s important to always opt for prompt medical attention. After an accident adrenaline will be racing, effectively numbing pain from injuries you don’t yet know exist, and every hour you wait could put your claim at risk. Medical records and bills stemming from your accident injuries serve as proof of your medical costs. 

4. Video footage – In some instances video footage is particularly helpful. If road conditions are icy, this might not be evident in a photograph alone. A video showing how slippery the road is can help to put your accident into more accurate perspective. Additionally, if you were in an accident with an intoxicated or erratic driver, video footage can help to show the reality of the situation. 

With your evidence in tow, your Maryland car accident attorney will be best equipped to fight for you to get you the claim you deserve.