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5 Reasons To Retain A Lawyer After Experiencing A Car Accident

5 Reasons To Retain A Lawyer After Experiencing A Car Accident A car accident lawyer in Washington DC should be your first line of defense after experiencing a car accident. When an accident occurs, particularly due to another driver’s negligence, you could be left with piling medical bills and no paycheck to cover them for months at a time and due to no fault of your own. Your car accident attorneys in Washington DC are not only well versed in the area’s car accident laws, but can assist you throughout the claims process ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve. 5 reasons to retain a lawyer after experiencing a car accident are:


1. Your time is limited – If you should need to pursue a lawsuit after a Washington DC car accident, you don’t have forever to do so. In Washington DC, this limit is 3 years, and without a car accident lawyer Washington DC, you’re not going to have much luck winning the compensation you need.

2. You’ll need to comply with certain rules – Whether pursuing a lawsuit or negotiating with an insurance company, there will be rules you’ll need to comply with in order to successfully travel the path to a settlement. Without an attorney skilled and experienced in Washington DC law, you may miss steps or approach the settlement incorrectly, which may result in having your settlement thrown out or not getting what you deserve. Your Washington DC car accident attorney will be able to walk you through these steps with confidence.

3. Understand your potential damages – After a car accident things get a bit hectic. Through all the commotion and stress, there could be damages you’re missing when drawing up your needed settlement or compensation amount. Your Washington DC car accident attorney will make sure that all of your damages are covered.

4. Fully understand your settlement options – After a car accident, you may have settlement options like pursuing a lawsuit or settling out of court. Your Washington DC car accident attorney will ensure you understand all of your settlement options, and which would best suit your case and desired result.

5. An advocate for your interests – Your Washington DC car accident attorney is an advocate for your interests, and while insurance companies are meant to protect those holding policies with them, they will also look out for their own bottom line as well. Your attorney will be there to make sure your insurance company’s agenda most closely aligns with yours.

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