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6 Tips for Preventing a Bicycle Accident

Preventing a bicycle accident requires you adhere to some basic safety precautions. Almost 67,000 cyclists are involved in collisions or accidents with vehicles every year in the United States.


Here are some common bicycle-vehicle accidents and collision avoidance tips from that you should use when you hit the streets:

  • Cars pull into traffic or turn left as you ride forward. Bicyclists may need to slow down, ride further left in the right lane, or use a horn or headlight.
  • Vehicles open their doors as you ride past. Keep far to the left as you ride in the right lane.
  • Don’t ride against traffic. Drivers don’t expect to see traffic coming toward them, so make sure you never ride against it.
  • Vehicles wanting to turn right at a red light. Instead of stopping to the right of the vehicle, stop behind it instead.
  • Cars pass you and then make a right turn. Ride as far to the left in the right lane, never ride on the sidewalk and always check behind you before crossing an intersection.
  • Passing a vehicle or road obstruction. Always pass on a vehicle’s left and be sure to check behind you before passing.


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