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An Insurance Decision Is Not Gospel

Insurance Decision Not Gospel - Insurance Claim Lawyer In Washington DCIn theory, the concept of insurance is a great one. You pay a premium every month, and in a world with good fortune, you “waste” that money, because nothing bad happens to you. However, in the event that something should occur, such as getting into a car accident, that insurance is now available to deal with an unexpected financial burden. In other words, you pay insurance so that if unpleasant financial surprises occur, the insurance company now steps in to help.

However, while auto insurance is fairly straightforward and tends to pay out in a predictable manner, other types of insurance, such as home, injury or workers compensation insurance, may not always be there, even when you make a claim. In some cases, a person may file a claim that seems to meet all the criteria an insurance company has laid out, and the insurance company will still declare the claim will not be getting any compensation.

It Doesn’t End There

As surprising and disappointing as this may be, does this now mean that you have no further options? Fortunately, the answer is “no.” Just because an insurance company has rendered their own “verdict” about whether to honor an insurance claim or not, that is not the same thing as a legal pronouncement from a judge and doesn’t carry the same legal weight.

This is why, even if you get a refusal from your insurance company to honor an insurance agreement, you shouldn’t let it end there. There may be honest reasons of differing interpretations behind an insurance agreement. On the other hand, the insurance company may be acting in bad faith and deliberately trying to evade its ethical and financial responsibilities.

Insurance Claim Lawyer In Washington DC

When in doubt, talk to an insurance claim lawyer in Washington DC about your concerns. You may find your case is not as open and shut as the insurance company led you to believe.

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