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Auto Negligence- District Court Cases

ZML Trial Reporter

This trial was a prime example of GEICO wasting our taxpayer money by having our judicial system hear a case that should have been settled.  Our firm represented three injured men in a vehicle that was struck by a GEICO insured.  Fault was not disputed by the other driver but GEICO refused to offer any money to any of the injured victims because they were focused on the amount of property damage to the vehicle, which was non-existent, rather than focus on the effect of two vehicles colliding with people in them.   There were actually two trials that took place surrounding this one collision.  Two of our clients were taken to the hospital, treated, released, and followed up with a regimen of physical therapy.  The other passenger, who had a pre-existing injury, didn’t heal as quickly so we filed suit for the two who did.  We obtained great results for the first two plaintiffs and, when we were ready to discuss settlement with GEICO on the third when he finished with his treatment, I assumed GEICO would now be willing to settle this case since they already lost the first trial.  GEICO refused to offer a penny!  So back to court we went.  We obtained another good result for this client and the court clearly sent a message to GEICO that they should be attempting to settle cases rather than waste our judicial system’s time and money.  The bottom line is that cars are built to withstand impacts, people are not!

Written by: Zachary M. Lipp, Esq., Wingfield, Ginsburg & Lipp, P.C.

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