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Common Car Crash Causes

Washington DC Car Accident Attorney: Common Crashes

If people could predict when and where they were going to be involved in car accidents, they would probably steer clear of the roadways on those days. However, life is full of surprises, and collisions are not predictable. As such, most drivers just do their best and hope that crashes don’t come to fruition. Unfortunately, sometimes even that is not enough to keep them safe, though.

A Washington DC Car Accident Attorney Can Help After These Crashes

Many times, people don’t do anything wrong when auto accidents come knocking. Instead, the negligent driving of others is to blame. There are many types of negligence, but three particular forms will be discussed here a little later. Before getting to them, we will focus on what victims can do following crashes. Nothing good usually comes from these incidents. 

Wrecks leave people with severe injuries. Ones that cause them to get hospitalized, take time off work, and suffer. Mountains of bills pile up, and they are left overwhelmed, not knowing how they will pay for them. If this has happened to you, first off, let us start by saying we’re sorry, but you don’t have to take these matters lying down. A Washington DC car accident attorney can help.

These legal professionals fight to recover compensation for accident victims. That’s right; you might be entitled to financial compensation for your damages. A lawsuit may not get you rich, but the outcome could put your money problems in the rearview mirror. If that sounds good, please, don’t hesitate to contact a Washington DC car accident attorney from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C.

Our firm has been representing the injured for over 40 years, and we will gladly do the same for you. The initial case evaluation is free, and clients only pay when they win. So, what are you waiting for? Put a Washington DC car accident attorney on your side and get the compensation you deserve. Now, let’s look at some common forms of negligence that cause car crashes. 

A Lead Foot

How many times have you been on the highway only to see cars passing you like you’re sitting still? The answer is probably too many times to count. Lots of motorists always seem like they are in a hurry these days. They mash their gas pedals to the floor and don’t pay much attention to speed limit signs. Drivers shouldn’t, though, because speeding is a type of negligence that causes wrecks. Going too fast can make motorists lose control of their vehicles. It can even prevent them from being able to stop before hitting the car in front of them if traffic comes to an abrupt halt. 

Texting And Driving

We have all been told how dangerous it is to text and drive. Yet, many individuals partake in the activities every day. Distracted driving takes a person’s attention away from the road. If they are looking at phone screens trying to read or type messages while their vehicles are in motion, disaster can strike. They could hit a car, pedestrian, commercial truck, or something else. That is why it is considered negligent to text and drive. 

Drinking And Driving

It is never a good idea to get behind the wheel after drinking alcoholic beverages. These substances can make drivers feel invincible, drift off to sleep, or dull their senses. Drunk driving causes accidents that injure victims. They also claim peoples’ lives. Intoxicated driving is another form of negligence that is often responsible for car crashes. 

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