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Common Injuries Associated With Truck Accidents

Common Injuries Associated With Truck AccidentsEighteen-wheelers are utilized to haul different kinds of goods from coast to coast across the nation. They transport logs, chemicals, foods, and many other items. These tractor-trailers are significant and essential. They ensure that products reach store shelves and are available for consumers to purchase. The operators drive through snowy, rainy, and windy conditions to keep America going.

More and more of these big rigs appear to be on the highways every day. Of course, this element is good for people needing jobs and the economy, but it can also be a problem for others on the roads. A study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reveals that 4,440 large trucks or buses were involved in fatal crashes in 2016. The same research shows that there were another 119,000 injury crashes.

Typical Truck Accident Damages Aside From Wrongful Deaths

1. Loss Of Limbs

Any crash can lead to injuries as bones and skin can’t stand up to the impact with glass, metal, and rubber. However, due to a tractor-trailer’s size, weight, and the goods that it carries, the event is that much worst than those with standard cars or trucks. Legs and arms can get crushed, punctured, or hurt in different processes. In many cases, the only alternative to save the person’s life is to amputate the appendage, which means the individual must change how they go about their daily business.

2. Paralysis

Spinal injuries are common after truck accidents. There is so much jarring, jolting, and rumbling going on that it is easy to see why. In some circumstances, paralysis happens temporarily. The person regains control of his or her body after surgeries and physical therapy. On the other hand, sometimes, the damage is permanent, and the individual must spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair.

3. Brain Injuries

Minor brain injuries such as loss of consciousness or concussions can occur from truck accidents. However, more severe conditions are possible too. For instance, the participant can sustain damages that result in the decline of motor skills, functioning, and cognition. The matter can be so significant that it leaves the person bedridden and in a vegetative state.

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Trucking companies have legal teams on standby for when such incidents arise. Their goal is to prevent the client from paying out a hefty sum. They often go as far as even to shift the blame to the victim. Contact a truck accident attorney at Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. to seek compensation for your injuries. The firm proudly offers free case evaluations, and the entire team works hard to exceed every client’s expectations with friendly, professional service. So, don’t delay anymore, and instead, get in touch with a truck accident attorney today.

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