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The Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents

More and more people are taking up bicycling as a great form of exercise and an affordable way to get around. But there are certain risks that come with cycling. All cyclists should be aware of the most common types of bicycle accidents that occur in Virginia, Maryland, and elsewhere:

  • Crossing the Path. This is the most common type of bicycle crash. A car pulls out of a street, parking lot or driveway and runs into the victim. Or, a vehicle pulls out in front of a cyclist and a collision occurs.
  • Opening the Car Door. A driver opens a car’s door right in your path. You can’t stop in time so you hit the car door.
  • Crossing the Crosswalk. Riding on the sidewalk, you continue into the street at a crosswalk and are hit by a driver that didn‘t see you.
  • Going Against Traffic. As you ride against traffic, a driver is not expecting traffic from that direction and turns into you.
  • Right at the Light. You stop to the right of a car at a traffic light. When the light changes, you proceed and the car makes a right turn into you.
  • Right before You. A car sees you but goes ahead and makes a right turn in front of you or into you.
  • Turning Left. Like the right turn accident, a car heading toward you in the opposite lane thinks it can beat you. It makes a left turn in front of you or into you.
  • Hit from Behind. You make your way an obstacle like a parked car or road construction and a car from behind rear-ends you.


Knowing the most common bicycle accidents can help you be a defensive cyclist and make you aware of possible problem areas when out on the road. You can take certain precautions, such as obeying traffic laws, properly using bike lanes and pathways, making sure your reflectors and headlights are in working condition, and always wearing a properly fitting helmet.


A bicyclist can be well informed and obey all traffic laws, but still can’t control the drivers of the cars sharing the road. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, seek medical help and legal assistance immediately. Keep documentation of your medical treatment and any time lost from work. Your Virginia bicycle accident attorney will need this evidence in the event that you choose to seek damages in a claim. Click here or call the Virginia and Maryland personal injury lawyers of Wingfield, Ginsburg & Lipp, P.C. today at 800-584-4165.

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