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Consider Hiring A Premises Liability Attorney If Hazards Like These Cause Injuries

Property owners owe it to guests to protect them from hazards on their land and inside their buildings. Not only that, but they are also obligated to do so by the law. As such, leaving dangerous and unsafe conditions as is can put them in hot water financially. How? Well, if a visitor sustains severe injuries, they could hire a premises liability attorney Washington D.C. to help them recover compensation for their wounds. The legal system is not meant to make people rich, but it can help hold the responsible party accountable and cover the victim’s medical expenses.

Not to mention, the lawsuit can assist victims in recouping their losses from lost wages. After all, not everybody can return to work after obtaining injuries. Rather, some folks have to take time off from their jobs for weeks, months, or sometimes even years following an accident in order to recover.

Don’t delay any longer. Contact a premises liability attorney Washington D.C. from Wingfield, Ginsburg & Lipp, P.C. for a free review if you have been injured on someone else’s property from no fault of your own. The team is prepared to fight on your behalf for the compensation that you deserve. Now, let’s move on to some scenarios that could land an individual in such a situation.

A Tumble From Weak Stairs

Imagine for a moment that a homeowner knows that the stairs on their porch are deteriorating and in need of replacing. Yet, they put off the chore again and again, leaving it just hanging out on their honey-do list. The homeowner then invites friends over but neglects to inform them about the problem. The foot of one of the guests could go right through the boards, resulting in them falling backward and hitting their head on the sidewalk. In turn, they sustain a traumatic brain injury. Such incidents can result in a premises liability case.

A Neighbor Falls In A Hole Dug Up By The Dog

There is nothing wrong with hosting parties and getting to know your neighbors. However, if a person is walking around in your dimly lit yard to get to your house, only to trip in a hole that the family dog dug, they could sustain a broken leg, a fractured wrist, and a bump on the head as well. This is another type of scenario that can leave an individual needing a premises liability attorney Washington D.C.

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