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Contact An Insurance Claims Lawyer In Maryland If These Practices Take Place

Contact An Insurance Claims Lawyer In Maryland If These Practices Take Place

A car crash can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, an individual is running late for work and doing about 85 mph on the highway. Then, he or she doesn’t allow enough space for braking only to collide with another vehicle’s rear end when traffic comes to an abrupt stop in front of them. Another example would be a driver texting or playing on their phone, not seeing a stop sign, and plowing into the side of a car. Additionally, an operator could be playing around with passengers, changing the channel on the radio, or eating, which can cause a collision.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing that usually holds true after a wreck is that insurance companies don’t like to play fair. Representatives don’t have the victim’s best interests in mind. Instead, their primary concern is to pay out the smallest amount possible. These agents have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to accomplish the feat. Luckily, persons do not have to take these matters lying down. Rather, they can contact an insurance claims lawyers in Maryland to fight on their behalf and keep unfair tactics at bay.

If residents want to avoid these headaches, they should consider contacting an insurance claims lawyers in Maryland from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. The team has the experience and know-how to deal with these insurers. So, give us a call to schedule a free case evaluation today. Curious readers should read further to learn about some of the shady practices.

Unfair Practices That Insurance Companies Tend To Use

1. Delay, Delay, And Delay Some More

These agencies know that car crash victims are likely out of work and having problems paying bills. After all, along with everyday expenses, the individuals have doctor fees, prescription costs, and more piling up. As such, the organizations attempt to make the situation linger on and on, hoping that the person agrees to a low ball settlement.

2. Offer A Mediocre Amount Of Compensation From The Get-Go

Many times, insurers like to throw less than stellar figures at victims in the beginning. The person may not realize how hurt they actually are, or they might only feel as if this is the best offer that they will receive. In turn, the victim accepts the payment. Then, he or she later realizes that this action was a mistake.

3. Include Fine Printing In Contracts

It is becoming more and more common these days for insurance companies to include clauses in documents that try to get the individual to sign his or her rights to compensation away. The papers usually don’t hold up in a court of law, even if a person’s John Hancock has been applied. Nonetheless, the articles can slow things down and cause the proceedings to slow down to what seems like a crawl.

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