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Death Is A Potential Outcome Of These Accidents

Wrongful Death Attorney DC: Death Is A Potential Outcome

Thinking about a loved one dying probably isn’t what you choose to sit around doing, and why would you? Most of us elect to dance around the subject of death. We’d rather not talk about individuals passing away from natural causes or accidents. However, if an incident occurs, you may not have the luxury of avoiding the topic.

You’ll be left to mourn the loss of your family member, which is what the time should be about, but your grieving might have to be short-lived as well. Why? Because you may get thrust into the spotlight and be responsible for their final expenses, that’s why. It can be hard to concentrate on anything else with bill collectors and unexpected costs breathing down your neck.

If someone’s negligence caused your loved one to pass away, you might want to contact a wrongful death attorney DC, as you could be entitled to fair compensation. Unfortunately, regardless of why you elect to file a lawsuit, no amount of money will ever make up for your loss. However, the funds will ensure that you can pay for the funeral and other things that get thrown your way. Hopefully, you don’t run into a situation that calls for a wrongful death attorney DC, but if you do, just know that Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. can help.

Car Vs. Tractor-Trailer Accident

Collisions between two vehicles of about the same size are bad, but when tractor-trailers strike smaller cars, trucks, or SUVs, the events are that much worst. Modern autos have airbags, brake assist features, and more to keep drivers and passengers safe, but even those things might not be enough if a big-rig operator strikes your loved one’s ride. Why did it happen, though?

Well, in this scenario, the professional driver happened to be texting when the traffic on the freeway came to a stop. By the time they looked up from the phone screen, the vehicle had passed the point of no return. Even after the operator hit the brakes, the truck struck your family member’s car in the rear, taking their life on impact.

Pedestrian Versus Car Crash

Sometimes, people don’t even have to be inside cars to get killed during accidents. For instance, an individual could be walking along minding their own business when a drunk driver jumps the curb, strikes, and kills them. Hold the responsible party liable for their actions if an issue like this occurs by putting a wrongful death attorney DC in your corner. They’ll fight to do just that, hold them accountable, and seek the compensation that your family deserves.