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Did A Texting Driver Wreak Havoc On Your Life?

Personal Injury Attorney DC - Did A Texting Driver Hit You?

Motorists have been and will continue to get warned about the dangers of texting and driving until everybody stops combining the tasks. Unfortunately, as of right now, that is not the case, and many people type or read messages when they’re behind the steering wheels of their cars—looking away from the roadways. Even if the glance is only for a few brief seconds, that alone can be enough to change someone’s life forever.

Picture this: a pedestrian uses a crosswalk as intended, but a driver is peering down at their phone and doesn’t see them. Without even so much as hitting the brake pedal, the motorist strikes the individual and sends them flying through the air. The person crashes to the ground hard, hitting their head on the pavement. This is a very real scenario that could occur and leave a pedestrian with severe injuries. Various ailments can develop afterwards, including the following.

  • Fractures And Broken Bones
  • TBI Or Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Lost Limbs
  • Partial To Full Paralysis

Should The Victim Hire A Personal Injury Attorney DC?

The seriously hurt pedestrian might be entitled to fair compensation following the incident. However, that doesn’t mean the insurance company is just going to hand over a check. Instead, these corporations will fight tooth and nail to ensure victims receive the lowest restitution possible. That’s the last thing anybody needs when they’re experiencing lost wages and have medical bills coming in, but it happens. So, should the victim hire a personal injury attorney DC? The answer to the question is yes; it would be in the character’s best interest to lawyer up.

The lawyer and their team will organize and prepare the person’s case for trial. That will help show the insurer that the plaintiff means business and isn’t willing to accept any malarkey. So now the only question left to answer is, “What firm should you use?”. Well, if you’re looking for the best personal injury attorney DC, the place you’ll want to contact is Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C.

Our organization offers free case evaluations, and when it comes to personal injury lawsuits, clients only owe fees if they win. We have over 40 years representing the injured in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. That means hiring us puts a whole lot of experience in your corner, and you’re probably going to need that going toe to toe with an insurer.