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Did An Auto Accident With A Drunk Driver Cost You Your Leg?

Maryland Car Accident Attorney - Drunk Driver Cost You Your Leg?

Most folks don’t give much thought to driving. They believe they do the things they should to stay safe. However, regardless of how careful drivers are, there is always the chance that a negligent motorist will be on the road at the same time as them. We will discuss someone who had a little too much to drink at the club for this scenario. They should have never been allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, but they did.

Drunk drivers often drive above or below the speed limit. They try to ride the white line to prevent their vehicle from swaying, although that doesn’t always work. These individuals can even fall asleep while behind the wheel. Most motorists try to steer clear of people displaying signs of driving under the influence, but that is sometimes not possible.

Drinking and driving don’t mix because the two often produce accidents. On occasion, the inebriated motorists do not get hurt in the events. Their bodies are just too limber and loose. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the people they hit. Fractures, broken bones, brain injuries, and loss of limbs can come to fruition. For example, a passenger’s leg could get pinned and lose blood flow for an extended period. Then, it would need to be amputated to save that person’s life.

Why Victims Should Hire A Maryland Car Accident Attorney

People that get injured in accidents with negligent drivers might be entitled to fair compensation. They must build strong cases and prove that the negligence happened. That is no problem an injured party that hires a Maryland car accident attorney. The professionals go toe to toe with insurers and legal teams to get their clients the money they deserve.

Those representatives don’t care about whether a person lost a leg in the crash. Not even if there was no doubt their client was at fault. Their primary concerns are to make the problems go away altogether, meaning no payout or only paying out the smallest settlement possible. Don’t let lawyers and insurers get one over on you. Instead, contact Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., to put a trustworthy and reputable Maryland car accident attorney in your corner. 

Our firm offers free case evaluations because accident victims have enough on their plates without trying to figure out where to get funds just to see where their claims stand. Additionally, clients only pay when compensation is recovered. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and make the call today. 

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