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Did Your Insurance Claim Get Denied, Even Though It Shouldn’t Have?

Maryland insurance claims lawyers: Did Your Insurance Claim Get Denied, Even Though It Shouldn't Have?

Some people pay insurance premiums monthly. Others take care of their six-month policies in one fell swoop by paying in full. To each their own, and whichever way works best for drivers is fine. They buy coverage because it is the law, and nobody wants to get in trouble with the men and women in blue. Getting pulled over without proof of insurance could lead to tickets or licenses becoming suspended. The issue can cause different problems too. For instance, a person might get thrown in jail and have their car impounded.

Aside from the legal ramifications of not purchasing auto insurance, there are other reasons to obtain policies. For example, if a driver gets into a wreck without coverage, they could be liable for the other party or parties’ damages and injuries. Those types of expenses can leave a person broke and in debt for their lifetime. That is why most motorists elect to go the legal route and get high-quality auto insurance.

Maryland Insurance Claims Lawyers Can Be Handy

The policies provide them with peace of mind. They know that when disasters strike, insurers have their backs, but what if they don’t? If you have a claim denied, the issue could stem from an agent error. That is where putting insurance claims lawyers in Maryland on your side comes in handy. The professionals get to the bottom of things and offer…

  • Litigation
  • Mitigation
  • And Arbitration

Don’t take the matter lying down and accept that you have to break the bank paying for what the insurer should have covered. Instead, give the insurance claims lawyers in Maryland from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., a call today. We offer free case evaluations because you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to see where your claim stands. There is no time to waste, so please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will now look at some common agent errors that arise and lead to denied claims.

Unfair Insurance Practices

Unfair insurance practices come in different shapes and sizes. We are going to cover several types here, but there are plenty more. So, if your unfair practice doesn’t fall on this list, you might still have a case and should talk to insurance claims lawyers in Maryland. Sometimes, agents fail to activate coverage. When that happens, it is like getting into an accident with no insurance at all. Misrepresentation of coverage is another issue that happens way too often.

The policyholder believes they are covered for one thing because that’s what the agent told them. However, in reality, the insurance isn’t for that. Last but not least is billing fraud. Let’s say a person pays their premium, but the agent doesn’t post it to activate their policy. Instead, they pocket the money and do who knows what with it. Any of these issues may require you to put a lawyer in your corner.

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