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Did Your Loved One Get Hit By A Car While They Were Out And About?

wrongful death attorney washington Did Your Loved One Get Hit By A Car While They Were Out And About?

When people think of car crashes, it is not uncommon for the image in their mind to include at least two passenger vehicles. However, this article is going to be focusing on another type of incident: pedestrian crashes. A lot of folks use their feet to get from place to place in the nation’s capital. They walk to and from work, school, and stores. Others utilize walking to exercise, shed a few pounds, and get their bodies into shape.

Not to mention, DC is a tourist destination. There always seem to be guests here visiting the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument among others. Many times, those visitors are on foot while taking in the sights. There is certainly nothing wrong with using this mode of travel. However, things can turn ugly if a motorist is negligent or reckless. Unfortunately, such an act happens all too often. Crash statistics from the District Department of Transportation reveal that DC accounted for 1,183 accidents involving pedestrians in 2017.

A Person Is Simply No Match Against A Car

In some instances, individuals sustain injuries after getting struck by a vehicle. They obtain ailments like broken bones, burns, and lacerations. Meanwhile, on other occasions, the event can be much more costly as pedestrians lose their lives. From this point forward, we will discuss the latter. Family members are left behind to grieve and mourn, but they don’t always have enough time to do so because of the life-changing event they have to face.

What Types Of Problems Might A Family Run Into?

Financial troubles can arise quickly when someone dies all of a sudden. For starters, soon after the individual passes away, their funeral will have to be planned out and paid for. The endeavor does not come with a cheap price tag today. As if people don’t have enough on their plates during this time, according to, they will also have to come up with between $7,000 and $10,000 to lay their loved ones to rest. Additionally, if the deceased party accrued any medical expenses before their passing, family members may become responsible for them.

Why You Should Contact A Wrongful Death Attorney Washington DC

If a driver’s negligence led to the death of your loved one, you might be entitled to a fair amount of compensation. A wrongful death attorney Washington DC knows how to navigate the complex legal system. They know how to prevent their clients from getting taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies as well, and they will fight tooth and nail to get you and your family the money you deserve. So don’t delay any longer. Contact a wrongful death attorney Washington DC to ensure that justice is served.

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