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Even More Big-Rigs Than Usual Could Be On The Roadways Because Of Vaccines

Even More Big-Rigs Than Usual Could Be On The Roadways Because Of Vaccines

By all means, nobody is knocking tractor-trailer operators for being on the highways delivering vaccines. Instead, we take our hats off to those men and women involved. They are playing an essential roles in helping us put this pandemic in the rearview mirror. The drivers don’t nearly get enough credit for how they keep the economy rolling. Yes, we are praising these professionals here a little before getting into how they create crashes.

When trailers get improperly loads and are offset, they can flip over quickly and right on top of a passenger vehicle. Truckers are much like other drivers, and some of them mash their gas pedals to the floor. The problem is that they carry heavy loads and can’t stop on a dime. Speeding eighteen-wheelers can strike cars, motorcycles, or pedestrians if the conditions are just right. Don’t go away just yet; there are still some other reasons why tractor-trailer accidents happen. 

Drowsy driving is sometimes involved. Perhaps an operator doesn’t get a good night’s rest, or maybe they are cheating the system log and attempting to burn the candle at both ends. Even drunk or drugged driving can enter the picture with these incidents.

Should You Hire A Truck Accident Attorney Washington DC?

The quick answer to this question is yes; a victim should hire a truck accident attorney Washington DC, following a crash, especially if negligence were part of the equation. Trucking companies don’t want to turn loose of their money, not even if there is no doubt their driver was at fault. They pull their legal teams out of the wings to discredit injury claims and prevent them from having to pay fair compensation. 

The lawyers pull out all the stops and offer low-ball settlements. Those figures don’t usually even come close to covering the victim’s losses. The characters may try to get the injured party to sign a document too. It isn’t any ordinary document, though. It will have fine-printing that attempts to sign his or her rights to compensation away. Can you even imagine? Yet, that’s what happens in the real world. 

Don’t let these corporations and lawyers get one over on you. We are here to help. Contact a truck accident attorney Washington DC, from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., today to schedule a free case evaluation. We will be more than happy to fight on your behalf and recover the compensation that you deserve. 

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