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Getting Personal Injury Legal Representation With Your Best Interests In Mind

Personal Injury Attorney With Your Best Interests In Mind

No driver or passenger wants to get into accidents. Rather, they want to travel from place to place, carefree and safe. Of course, this is not a perfect world, and collisions happen all too often, even right here in the nation’s capital. In fact, research from the District Department of Transportation reveals that D.C. accounted for 26,459 incidents in 2017 alone. There were 33 fatalities and 6,626 injuries because of those crashes that year. This article will focus on injuries and why you need a personal injury attorney.

On many occasions, people are left with severe ailments requiring surgeries, medications, and follow-up doctor visits. Such services and treatments are not cheap within modern society. Plus, people involved in accidents often have no money coming in as they must take time off of work to recover. In other words, some folks become stuck between a rock and a hard place financially after car crashes.

An individual might have to pick and choose what they spend their money on. For example, if there is no food in the house, they might have to buy groceries to feed their family instead of getting the medical procedure that they need. Luckily, there is a solution when another party causes the accident and injuries: insurance. However, insurance companies don’t always like to play fair, and sometimes, they deny claims for little to no reason.

Don’t Fret Because A Personal Injury Attorney D.C. May Be Able To Help

It can be extremely beneficial to put a personal injury attorney D.C. in your corner when an issue like the one previously mentioned enters the picture. Those legal professionals always have the best interests of their clients in mind. They build strong and robust cases by collecting witness statements, surveillance camera footage, police reports, cell phone records, driver histories, and more. Lawyers fight tooth and nail on behalf of their clients to recover the restitution that they deserve.

Don’t allow an insurance company to get away with offering you a lowball settlement or denying your claim altogether. Instead, contact Wingfield, Ginsburg & and Lipp, P.C. to schedule a free case evaluation today. Doing so will help you discover where your claim stands without breaking the bank.

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