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Hot Off The Press: This Issue May Impact A Vehicle’s Steering

Hot Off The Press: This Issue May Impact A Vehicle's Steering

Cars, trucks, and SUVs are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are safe for consumers to purchase and use. Or, at least, that is supposed to be what happens. However, it is not uncommon for problems during the manufacturing process to occur, which don’t get noticed until later on down the line. As such, vehicle manufacturers put recalls in motion to fix the dilemmas.

Unfortunately, on some occasions, the organizations withhold information until after catastrophe strikes. Sometimes, injuries and death are not even enough to get places to speak up, though. People merely have to research Takata and airbag canisters to understand the issue for themselves. Money is often the primary concern of these businesses, but when consumer safety and well-being are at stake, it shouldn’t be.

Seek Compensation By Hiring The Washington D.C. lawyers From Wingfield, Ginsburg, And Lipp, P.C.

If a D.C. resident is involved in an automotive accident where a faulty or defective part was to blame, they may be entitled to fair compensation for their damages. Broken bones, burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and more can all become part of the equation. These types of ailments regularly leave a person needing medications, surgeries, and therapy, all of which are expensive. So much so that individuals experience financial hardships.

Car manufacturers have legal teams standing by to discredit claims. They attempt to distort the truth and make the victim out to be the bad guy/gal. When the attorneys do offer monetary sums, they tend to be for low-ball amounts. Their only job is to prevent the client from paying out a substantial sum. Luckily, our Washington D.C. lawyers can help. The firm has the experience and resources to go toe to toe with these corporations. So, don’t allow them to take advantage of you. Instead, let our Washington D.C. lawyers fight on your behalf for what is right and just.

Everybody Needs To Know About This Problem

General Motors has not yet released a date for recall A192261870 to begin. Still, though, people must learn about it to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Approximately 93,693 units are affected, which means they can be just about anywhere, including right here in the D.C. area. The models in question are 2015-2018 Chevrolet Trax vehicles. The front control arms may have received improper welds.

Should one, or both, of the joints happen to break, the wheels will toe outward. Thus, the driver won’t be able to handle or steer the vehicle correctly. In turn, the risk of crash increases. Contact GM to learn more, but if you or a family member become injured before the remedy is available, feel free to contact our office for a free case evaluation to find out where the claim stands.

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