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Insurance And Accident Statistics In Washington DC

Insurance And Car Accident Statistics In Washington DC Car accident attorneys in Washington DC can let you in on just how likely you are to find yourself in an accident within the area. What many don’t realize, particularly those from out of town, is just how much traffic Washington DC sees each and every day, and how accident statistics go up when dealing with such a high volume of drivers from all different walks of life on the road. Traffic analysts in Washington DC have estimated that the average DC resident will waste around 32 gallons of gas and 67 hours per year simply sitting stuck in traffic, compared to the 7 hour and 6 gallon national average.


Insurance Statistics For Washington DC Residents


While insurance is mandatory for all Washington DC drivers, as many as 12% of motorists do not have insurance for any variety of reasons. If you find yourself hit by an uninsured motorist, and you yourself do not have uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy, the best thing you can do is contact your car accident attorney in Washington DC to determine what your next steps should be.


What Types Of Accidents Are Most Common In Washington DC?


While Washington DC drivers spend more time sitting in traffic than other drivers, this does have something of an upside when considering auto accidents. The overwhelming majority of car accidents in Washington DC are fender benders or similar, and the area boasts some of the lowest traffic fatalities in the country with only 23 fatalities out of a population of 650,000. While Washington DC doesn’t see as many traffic fatalities as most other states, this doesn’t mean that injuries and damages aren’t part of the everyday accidents that do occur.


Washington DC Car Accident Attorneys For Traffic Accidents


Whether a serious accident or a fender bender, your first line of defense should always be contacting your car accident attorney in Washington DC. With professional assistance for your accident, you’ll be able to collect the compensation you need and deserve.

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