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Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied?

 Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied? Insurance claims attorneys in Washington DC can make the claims process far less headache-inducing for residents recovering from an accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently try to deny claims or provide much lower payouts when a Washington DC car accident lawyer isn’t representing you, and you may find that your claim is denied for reasons you don’t quite understand. This doesn’t mean that the presence of a Washington DC insurance claims lawyer will guarantee your insurance company will work with you to provide necessary compensation, only that it’s more likely you’ll experience a fairer experience. A few reasons why an insurance claim may be denied are:


  • Policy exclusions – When you pay for a car insurance policy, make sure you take a close look at everything your policy entails. Your policy probably outlines some policy exclusions, and even if these are tucked away in the fine print, it pays to be well acquainted with them. Insurance companies may use policy exclusions to deny your claim, claiming that your accident falls under an exclusion even if only by a very broad stroke of the brush.


  • Lapsed policy – It also pays to make sure your policy is always in good standing. If you’ve paid late recently or there is any chance your policy may have lapsed, your insurance can use this to deny any claims you may have made or decide to make.


  • Failure to notify – Your insurance policy will outline a time limit you have to report your accident to your insurance company, and this is typically a small window so your insurance company can investigate the accident as quickly as possible. If you wait too long to notify your insurance company of your accident, they may deny your claim if they are unable to investigate the accident in a timely manner.


  • Liability dispute – A liability dispute may also cause your insurance company to deny your claim. This dispute may say that since another party caused the accident, you should be compensated by their insurance policy and not your own, or they could claim that your injuries were not caused by the accident at all.


While these are just a few reasons why your claim may be denied, they are some of the most popular. With the assistance of your personal injury attorney DC, getting the compensation you need and deserve from your insurance company or that of a negligent driver is simpler and more convenient.


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