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Your Insurance Company Is Not Always Your Advocate

Your Insurance Company Is Not Always Your Advocate - Contact An Insurance Claim LawyerUsually, when something unexpected, unwarranted, and damaging happens to you, your first thought will be something along the lines of “Thank goodness I have insurance.” The concept behind insurance is profoundly reassuring and gives a lot of people peace of mind. It’s the idea that even if you don’t have the savings available to pay for home repairs, or medical treatment expenses, or even fix your car, you don’t have to worry. If you didn’t deliberately damage these things, and what happened was an accident, or perpetrated by someone else, the insurance company will step in to provide the financial assistance required to get through this.

But what happens if, after all those years of dutifully paying your insurance company, when the time comes, they don’t hold up their end of the deal? That’s when you need the help of an insurance claim lawyer in Washington DC.


A Broken Promise


In theory, this seems like a pretty simple, straightforward arrangement. An insurance company lays out the terms for which they will provide compensation in the event that something happens to you, your home, your car, or another asset that you’re seeking insurance for. In exchange for this promise of financial coverage in extreme circumstances, you are expected to pay a set amount every month, almost like a “subscription” for emergency financial services.

Should you get into a situation that falls within the parameters laid out by the insurance company, such as getting into a car accident where it is clear that the other driver, not you, was at fault for the incident, the insurance company—or in this case the company of the other driver—will step in to provide compensation.


You’re Not Helpless


If you find yourself in a situation where you’re sure your insurance company should honor your claim, but they are refusing to do so, that’s not the end of the line. You can still challenge this, especially if you’re sure that your claim falls well within the boundaries of what the insurance company constitutes as a fair condition for compensation. However, this isn’t a confrontation that you should try to take head on, or alone.

You should get the help of an experienced insurance claim lawyer in Washington DC. The world of insurance is extremely complex, with many state laws and regulations, as well as internal policies that vary from one company to the next. Coming to grips with all that information and figuring out where an error—or worse yet, a fraudulent action—may have occurred can be extremely difficult for someone not familiar with this world.

In the best case scenario, your lawyer, working with you, will help to uncover what is merely an error in processing your claim. In other instances, unfortunately, your lawyer may discover that there’s been a misrepresentation of coverage, some deliberate billing fraud, or even an undisclosed conflict of interest at work. Don’t let this interfere with your welfare at such a delicate time, get an insurance claim lawyer in Washington DC to help you resolve the situation quickly and legally.

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