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Is An Insurer Not Playing Fair?

Insurance Claims Lawyers - Is An Insurer Not Playing Fair?

People purchase car insurance to ensure they don’t run into any trouble with the law. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to get a ticket or have their license suspended due to a lack of coverage. There is also another reason why drivers obtain insurance. They want to be sure that the insurer will cover another party’s damages if they get into a wreck. Then again, with full coverage insurance, policyholders expect agencies to take care of their stuff as well.

These matters are usually cut and dry. People file insurance claims and are then cut checks. Easy-peasy, just like that, and they are done. However, that isn’t always how things go, though. Most insurers have legal teams on retainers. The lawyers wait in the wings until their services are needed. Then, they pull out all the stops to discredit injury and property damage claims. On occasion, this even happens when there is no doubt the driver covered by them was at fault. 

When the attorneys are successful in their endeavors, claims get denied, and victims get nothing. Meanwhile, sometimes, the companies are willing to accept some of the responsibility for an accident. That is when they decide to offer injured parties low-ball settlements. You know, the kind that won’t cover medical bills and other expenses. People shouldn’t let these institutions take advantage of them and do whatever they want. Instead, they should hire insurance claims lawyers in Maryland to get what they deserve.

Our insurance claims lawyers in Maryland have been at it for over 40-years. They have the experience and know-how to build concrete cases that prove negligence occurred. Witness testimonies, police reports, and traffic camera footage are common ways to collect evidence, but there are other options too. Give the office a call, and you will quickly see what the fuss is about for yourself. These insurance claims lawyers in Maryland always fight for what is right and just, as well as what is in a client’s best interest. 

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