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The nation’s capital is smaller than most places around the country. As such, there are fewer drivers on the roadways. Hence, one would think that the streets here would be safer when compared to other locations. However, after doing some research on crash statistics for the area, it became apparent that D.C.s roads are every bit as dangerous as everywhere else.

According to the District Department of Transportation, there was a total of 26,459 collisions across the District of Columbia in 2017. Of those incidents, 19,802 resulted in property damage only. Sure, those numbers don’t sound horrible yet, but just wait. The accidents also caused 6,626 injuries and 31 fatalities. Considering that the estimated population at the time was 693,972, such figures should frighten everyone.

Unfortunately, Insurance Companies Don’t Play Fair

Car crash injuries vary, but sometimes, they are extremely severe. The person often needs surgery, follow up doctor visits, counseling, medications, and more. All of those things can drain the individual’s bank account in a hurry. Typically, insurance companies don’t care, though. They offer low-ball compensation amounts, which won’t cover all of the expenses. Plus, they drag their feet, hoping that the victim runs out of money and has to settle for a small payout.

If you were involved in a collision, from no fault of your own, and the other party’s insurer is attempting to give you the run-around, feel free to contact a Washington DC car accident attorney from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. The firm offers free case evaluations, which means clients don’t have to spend a dime to find out whether they have a legitimate claim or not. Also, personal injury cases are paid on a contingency fee basis. That means persons only have to pay a fee for the Washington DC car accident attorney services if compensation is recovered.

In other words, it is a win-win situation. So, don’t allow an insurance company to take advantage of you in your time of need. Instead, put a trustworthy and reliable Washington DC car accident attorney on your side to fight for what is right and just. We have proudly represented the injured in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia for over 40-years, and the team will gladly do the same for you. Give us the opportunity to take care of the heavy legal lifting so that you can concentrate on the most important thing, your recovery.

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