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What To Do After A Maryland Car Accident

what-to-do-after-a-maryland-car-accidentNo one wants or plans for a car accident, but these do tend to occur when we least expect them and it always pays to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a Maryland car accident can mean the difference between getting and not getting the compensation you deserve. Your Maryland car accident lawyer can help to walk you through your whole accident claims process, but what do you do before calling your Maryland personal injury lawyer? The steps you should follow after a Maryland car accident are:


1. Stay put – Whether you were the negligent party, or you were the victim of another driver’s negligence, you must stay put at the scene of the accident.

2. Take photos and assess the need for assistance – If you’re able, you should immediately begin taking photos of the accident to be used as evidence in your case after calling 911. You should also assess the situation and determine if there are any injured parties requiring immediate help. If a person is severely injured, it may be best to refrain from moving them and to wait for emergency personnel to arrive while making sure they’re kept safe in the meantime.

3. Assess your injuries – If you yourself are injured in an accident, it’s best to call 911 and to not move if you find you have trouble moving. Getting off of the scene to ensure your safety if you are able is important, but evidence collection can be saved for later as your physical safety should be your number 1 priority.

4. Exchange information – After notifying 911 and collecting evidence, it’s then time to exchange information with the other driver or drivers on the scene. The information that should be exchanged includes contact details, driver’s license number, license plate numbers, and auto insurance information.

5. Filing a police report – Once authorities arrive on the scene, a police report should be filed for the accident. If an accident is not reported in the state of Maryland, a person may risk a license suspension as a result.

6. Notify your insurance company – You’ll also need to notify your insurance company of the accident, and this should be done after filing the police report and getting any medical attention that may be necessary.

7. Obtain a Maryland car accident attorney – Once you’re able and ready to pursue damages, you should first obtain a Maryland car accident attorney to handle your case. Your attorney will assist you in making sure you get the compensation you deserve and represent you in any contributory negligence liability defense.

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