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Negligence Often Causes Automotive Accidents

Negligence Often Causes Automotive Accidents

Cars are an essential part of peoples’ lives today. Folks need them to commute to and from work and school. Not to mention, individuals rely on their vehicles to go to grocery stores, malls, restaurants, and other places too. If they don’t own an auto, they are left stuck hoofing it on foot from one destination to the next, which can be quite tiresome. Maryland doesn’t have as many registered vehicles as some states like California or Texas, but there are still plenty of them here.

Research from Statista shows that there were 2,006,904 registered automobiles in the Old Line State as of 2017. In other words, hosts of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans can be found on the roadways during the day and night. Due to so many drivers being on the interstates and streets, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye, especially if an operator is careless or negligent while behind the wheel.

Some Types Of Negligence

Driving While Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

People know the dangers associated with operating a motor vehicle while impaired, yet, many of them still attempt to drive after a night out drinking or even after doing drugs such as marijuana. These substances limit abilities and slow down reaction times. Persons can fall asleep at the wheel, swerve into other lanes of traffic, or rear-end another car.

Texting And Driving

Almost everyone in the world today owns a cell phone. People use these devices for anything and everything. Unfortunately, many, many folks are guilty of texting when they are driving. Taking one’s eyes off the road for only a brief moment is a big no-no. The car can travel a lengthy distance during this span, and the outcome is not always pretty. The negligent party can hit a pedestrian, bicyclist, big-rig, or another vehicle.

Contact Our Maryland Attorneys To Seek Compensation

Car crashes often leave people with severe and lasting injuries. Individuals regularly obtain broken bones, fractures, spinal injuries, and more. Thus, healthcare bills can pile up in a hurry. However, a victim shouldn’t have to be stuck paying for these things when the damages were no fault of their own. So, residents should think about hiring the Maryland attorneys of Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. to fight for the money that they deserve.

The state’s legal system is complex and even a bit intimidating for many people. Plus, insurance companies like to give folks the run around in it comes to paying out a fair settlement. Our Maryland attorneys will build the strongest case possible via witnesses, cell phone data, accident reports, and even security camera footage. Hence, interested persons should give the office a call for a free case evaluation and discover where their claim stands today.

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