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Not Just Any Old Attorney Will Do Following A Car Crash

Call An Auto Accident Attorney Following A Car Crash

Do the streets seem a little more congested than usual? Probably so because there are folks in town visiting their family and friends for the holidays. Last-minute shoppers were bouncing around from store to store, trying to find the perfect gifts. Some folks were driving through neighborhoods attempting to spot the houses with the best lights. Now that Christmas has come and gone, one would think things would return to normal around here.

However, New Year celebrations aren’t that far off. That means plenty of individuals could be sticking around until after the festivities. Hopefully, everyone is wearing masks and staying safe because catching COVID is not the right way to start 2021 off. That’s a subject for another time, though. Today, we will be focusing on car crashes and what auto accident attorney, Washington, DC, a victim should call. 

The Problems With Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are unforgiving ordeals. They leave participants hurt more often than not, and sometimes severely. No two wrecks are the same, and injuries vary from one incident to the next. They often include things like…

  • Fractures And Broken Bones
  • Lacerations And Burns
  • Paralysis (Partial Or Full)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

If a negligent driver causes the accident and injuries, the victim might be entitled to fair compensation. That is where having a reputable and trustworthy auto accident attorney, Washington, DC, from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., comes in handy. We fight tooth and nail to recover the compensation our clients deserve. The team builds strong cases with witness statements, traffic camera footage, driver histories, and more.

Choosing An Auto Accident Attorney, Washington, DC, From Another Firm Could Be A Mistake

Some law firms only look at people as numbers. They don’t get to know them and are always in a rush. Good luck getting one of their lawyers on the phone. The point is that these organizations don’t always have the time or resources to take claims to trial. Therefore, they sometimes negotiate less than stellar settlements just to get the case done and over. They put notches in their belts and give themselves pats on the back for jobs well done.

The client is the loser in these situations. Often the amount won’t cover their current or future medical expenses, lost wages, or much of anything else. Be sure to pick the right lawyer to ensure troubles like these don’t arise. 

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