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Parents Need To Be Aware Of This Recall From April

Parents Need To Be Aware Of This Recall From April

People buy new products each and every day. Sometimes, they do so for themselves, and on other occasions, they buy them as gifts for friends. Of course, most folks don’t consider the fact that these items might be unsafe at the time. After all, when things hit the open market, they are supposed to be put through rigorous testing and proven to be safe for consumers to use.

However, as most people know, hazardous products slip through the cracks every now and again. New recalls seem to be issued daily, and if the owners don’t pay close enough attention, they or members of their family could get hurt. Product liability is an area of the law that holds manufacturers and sellers responsible for any damages that faulty products cause.

Product Liability Attorneys Can Help

Proving fault in these cases is not always the easiest of tasks. These organizations typically have legal teams on retainer. They are chomping at the bit to discredit such claims. They even go as far as to shift the blame toward the victim. Putting the product liability attorneys from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. on your side shows these people that you mean business.

The firm has an outstanding reputation in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. legal communities. So, don’t delay any longer. Contact our product liability attorneys and get the representation that you deserve. The initial case evaluation is free, and you only pay if compensation is recovered.

Now, The Vital Recall Information

Kids II, Inc. issued recall number 19-112 back on April 26, 2019. There are loads of units involved, so parents will want to research the matter through the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission for themselves.

However, all models of Kids II Rocking Sleepers are included. Approximately 694,000 pieces were sold nationwide at Walmart, Toys “R” Us, and Target between March 2012 and April 2019.

Infants can roll over from their backs to their stomachs while unrestrained or under other circumstances posing a suffocation risk. Five little ones have died to date because of this problem. It is of the utmost importance for guardians to discontinue use of these sleepers. Consumers can contact Kids II for a refund or voucher. However, if your child becomes injured or something more drastic happens, just know that legal assistance is merely a phone call away.

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