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Postal Workers Deserve A Safe Visit

Postal Workers Deserve A Safe VisitPremises liability is an aspect of the law that puts a certain amount of legal obligation on a property owner to maintain a safe environment. This can mean, for example, that you may be aware that a flight of stairs in your home is very crooked and uneven, but because of the cost to repair it, you choose to do nothing about it. However, when a guest visits, you forget about the crooked staircase, and only remember when that same visitor uses the washroom, comes back down the stairs, trips, falls, and becomes injured as a result.

But the same type of legal responsibility can happen not just indoors, but outside too.

A Postal Worker Is A Licensee

A postal worker falls under a legal category of visitor known as a licensee. This means that even though you don’t extend a direct invitation to your postal worker to come to your home, you’ve granted rights to the postal worker to come onto your property in order to deliver your mail. Other municipal employees, such as a person reading a gas meter for billing, also fall under the licensee category of visitors to your home.

This means, however, that licensees are entitled to a certain amount of safety that you are obligated to provide. So, for example, if you know that walkway to your front door gets very icy and slippery in the winter, you should either pour salt on, to melt the ice, or chip away at the ice to regain traction. If you choose not to do this for the entire weekend, and then leave that icy walkway intact, if a postal worker coming to your home then slips, falls and sustains an injury, that postal worker could contact a premises liability attorney in Washington DC, and look into a negligence case against you.

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