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Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Insurance Disputes

Reasons To Hire An Attorney For Insurance Disputes

Most people pay their auto insurance premiums regularly each month. Heck, some folks even pay for the coverage in six-month intervals. Nobody likes paying for the expense as it is very seldom if ever used. However, failing to obtain the protection can lead to a bunch of headaches. Penalties vary from place to place, but for these purposes, we will discuss the consequences of driving around uninsured in the Old Line State. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation uninsured motorists could…

Be Made To Pay Fines And Restoration Fees
• Lose Vehicle Registration And License Plate Privileges
• Be Prohibited From Registering Future Vehicles
• Face One Year Of Imprisonment And More

So, to avoid these unpleasant outcomes, the majority of drivers avoid letting their insurance lapse. Having the coverage can prove to be beneficial. Liability pays for damages to another party’s car while full coverage covers those damages plus the ones to your own vehicle. Getting the insurance company to pay a fair amount for the injuries can be quite tricky though. 

Insurers Don’t Want To Dish Out Hefty Settlements

It is ridiculous what insurance companies really do. Persons pay their premiums again, again, and again. Then, once they get hurt and finally need the funds, they do everything in their power to not pay the claim. Or, if the powers that be do decide compensation should be awarded, the amount is extremely low. They don’t seem to care whether the individual has enough money to pay for their recovery or other expenses. Luckily, you don’t have to face these matters alone. Our insurance claims lawyers in Maryland are here to help. 

Insurance companies have aggressive attorneys waiting in the wings to dispute auto accident claims. They even go as far as to shift blame toward the victim. Experience is a must-have in these kinds of disputes. Many people make the mistake of attempting to go it alone. They accidentally say things that are taken out of context, and the next thing they know, the attorney is using it against them. Don’t let them take advantage of you in your time of need. Instead, contact our insurance claims lawyers in Maryland early on in the process and get the representation that you deserve. 

The team will stay in close contact with you throughout the proceedings to keep you in the loop. Our insurance claims lawyers in Maryland are more than happy to answer your questions and decipher the legal lingo into easy to understand layman’s terms. So, put a proven, reputable firm in your corner today with Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C.

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