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Should You Report Your Accident To The Police?

auto accident lawyerIn the most serious car accidents, unfortunately, there’s simply no question of police involvement. When there is death or injury involved, an accident absolutely must be reported to the police, even if there may be no need for an auto accident lawyer in Maryland. This is also true in other instances, such as when you attempt to exchange information with the other party and they refuse to do so, or they drive away, or it is clear from the behavior you see and hear that the other driver is drunk.

But what happens in less serious accidents where there is no injury and no suspicious behavior? What should happen in a case where there’s car damage, but not much else?


No Threshold


Unlike some other states, Maryland doesn’t actually have a minimum financial amount where reporting an accident is legally required. In Florida, for example, if a car accident results in a minor “fender bender” where the damage is likely to be less than $500 in repairs, there is no need to report it to the police. In Maryland, this decision is solely up to the discretion of the drivers involved if there’s no injury or other determining circumstances at play.

However, just because you don’t have to report an accident, does that mean you shouldn’t? In this case, the answer is probably, “better safe than sorry.” For example, if you discover later that the damage to your car is much more serious than you thought, and you want to take the case to court, an opposing lawyer can honestly claim that the accident couldn’t have been too serious if you didn’t want to report it to the police. So you can often help yourself and your auto accident lawyer in Maryland by ensuring that, should an accident occurs, all steps are taken, including getting it on record with the police.

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