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Scenarios That Could Lead To Grocery Store Trip And Fall Accidents

Insurance Claims Lawyer Washington DC - Grocery Store Accidents

Sure, loads of citizens are trying to stay home as much as possible because of COVID-19. However, they have to leave the sanctuaries for certain things like food. So, cautious individuals mask up and head out to grocery stores. They intend to grab essential items and return to their houses, but sometimes, catastrophes can strike while folks are on these runs. We are talking about trip and fall accidents. The events can leave people with fractures or broken bones. They also often cause neck, back, and head injuries. The outcome just depends on how the person lands. If negligence is involved, the injured individual should consider hiring an insurance claims lawyer, Washington DC. These professionals build strong cases via witness statements, surveillance camera footage, and more. They fight to recover compensation on the behalves of their clients.

Thus, if you sustain injuries in a grocery store trip and fall accident, contact an insurance claims lawyer, Washington DC, from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. They will do everything in their power to recover the money you deserve. This post will now focus on a couple of scenarios that could lead to trips and falls. Hence, curious individuals should stick around and read on to learn more.

A Spill That Nobody Cleaned

Any number of things could happen in a grocery store, leaving liquid on the floor. Perhaps a consumer drops a jar of spaghetti sauce, causing it to break, or maybe a roof leak puts rainwater on tiles. Now, let’s say that workers notice the substance but neglect to put out signs and clean the messes. A Shopper might not see the obstacle when walking up and down an aisle. Then, before they even realize it, he or she is lying flat on their back on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, with spine injuries. This is a type of trip and fall accident that can justify putting an attorney in their corner.

A Raised Carpet Or Floor Mat

Many grocery stores have carpets or mats at entrances. The units are meant to limit trip and fall accidents by helping consumers dry their shoes. However, if an employee picks up the carpet or mat, cleans it, then does not lay it back down flat, it poses a trip hazard. A person’s foot could hit the raised portion and hit their face on the floor. Such incidents can cause brain injuries, knock teeth out, or leave the individual with other wounds. A lawyer can prove to be helpful in scenarios like this one too.

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