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Should People Be Walking To Get Where They Are Going In Washington D.C.?

Should People Be Walking To Get Where They Are Going In Washington D.C.?

There is nothing wrong with walking to work, school, the store, or anywhere. For one, partaking in the activity can help people save money. How? Well, they simply have to put on a pair of sneakers to get around. There is no need to stop by the gas station to top off the tank or pay for a tow truck if the car breaks down. Instead, folks just put one foot in front of the other, which doesn’t cost them a dime.

Plus, various health advantages come along with taking a daily walk. According to the Mayo Clinic, the exercise can help an individual maintain a healthy weight, improve their mood, and prevent or manage different conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. So, as these examples show being a pedestrian in this day and age can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Pedestrians Must Keep Their Heads On A Swivel To Stay Safe

There are plenty of passenger cars, big-rigs, motorcycles, and more on the streets of the nation’s capital. If one of those drivers is negligent or reckless, they could strike a person walking with their car in the blink of an eye. There are stats to back up this claim too.

Research from the District Department of Transportation reveals that 1,243 pedestrians were involved in these incidents in 2015. The events caused 15 fatalities and numerous injuries. Every crash is unique, which means wounds will vary from one to the next. However, some of the more common types of damages associated with these episodes include but are not limited to…

  • Broken Bones And Fractures
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Road Rash
  • Deep Lacerations
  • Partial Or Full Paralysis

These Issues Can Be Quite Costly

Victims that are severely hurt in pedestrian/car crashes often need medical procedures, medications, physical therapy, and they have to run back and forth to the doctor continually. They usually have to miss a substantial amount of time from work too. In other words, it is typically hard for them to cover these expenses. That is where a D.C. personal injury attorney can help.

These professionals know the complex legal system like the back of their hand. The D.C. personal injury attorney will utilize cell phone records, police reports, witness testimonies, and more to prove fault. A victim shouldn’t have to be liable for paying the bills mentioned above, especially when he or she played no part in acquiring the injuries. So, contact a D.C. personal injury attorney today to find out where the claim stands.

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