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“Slip And Fall” Accidents Can Be More Serious Than Most People Believe

Premises Liability Attorney - Slip And Fall Accidents Can Be Serious

Somewhere down the line, people stopped believing that slip, trip, and fall accidents were significant. They started using phrases like, “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up,” as joke punchlines. To each their own, but folks should begin taking these situations seriously again. Why? Because the incidents can lead to severe injuries or even death. That’s right; people can get hurt or even die in the events.

Many times, these accidents happen outside the home. A friend’s house could be the culprit. Then again, it might be a store or restaurant. The list can go on and on, but we’re sure that you get the gist. When negligence plays a role in a slip, trip, and fall accident, the victim may be entitled to fair compensation for their damages. They must find evidence to back up their claims and build a strong case. However, that can be easier said than done. 

It doesn’t have to be challenging, though. Those that sustain significant injuries because of someone else’s negligence can put a premises liability attorney on their side. These professionals know what it takes to create a winning case. They often collect witness statements, security camera footage, and more to accomplish the feat. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a premises liability attorney from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., and schedule a free case review today. 

We will now look at a couple of scenarios that can result in a slip, trip, or fall. That will hopefully give readers an idea of where their claims stand. Hence, please, don’t go away just yet. Instead, stick around and read on to learn more. 

No Wet Floor Sign

Let’s say that a person’s stomach is grumbling, so they run to a fast food joint. However, about five minutes before they arrived, the soda fountain machine malfunctioned. It kept running and running, soaking the floor with beverages. The employees got the device under control and mopped up the mess. What they didn’t do, was put out a wet floor sign to warn patrons about the potential danger.

The diner from the beginning orders food and pays. He or she is handed a cup and heads over to the soda machine to fill it up with something that will quench their thirst. Along the way, they hit a wet spot that hasn’t thoroughly dried on the floor and immediately goes down to the ground. Issues like this one can necessitate hiring a premises liability attorney.