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So, You Got Hurt In A Car Wreck That Wasn’t Your Fault; Now What?

Car Accident Attorney - Hurt In A Car Wreck That Wasn't Your Fault?

Taking the car out for a spin these days can be a bit dangerous. You can be as careful and precise as possible, but an accident could still come to fruition. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one on the roadways. Nope, you share them with other drivers, and many times, they don’t always do what they should while behind the wheel.

Some motorists do anything and everything in their vehicles, except pay attention to the roads. When such people are out and about, collisions can become realities in the blink of an eye. These events often leave participants with severe and lasting injuries. The kinds vary from one incident to the next, but common damages include…

  • Fractures And Broken Bones
  • Gashes, Punctures, And Lacerations
  • Contusions And Burns
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

Accident victims sometimes need lengthy hospital stays and surgeries to fix their problems. Physical and mental therapy sessions may be required as well. Of course, during this time, injured parties can lose wages too from not being able to work. They can blow through their savings quickly and not have enough funds for much of anything. Don’t let these financial difficulties cause you grief, not when someone else was at fault for the accident. Instead, contact a Washington D.C. car accident attorney. 

How A Washington D.C. Car Accident Attorney Can Help

A lawyer can build a strong case that proves the other party was negligent. Perhaps, they were texting while driving, or maybe they had their vehicle going way above the posted speed limit. Negligence comes in many forms, and the ones mentioned are only a couple of them. The Washington D.C. car accident attorney will gather witness testimonies, police reports, and traffic camera footage. They will also work with various experts to recreate crash sites and make other determinations

It is in a person’s best interest to do some research before hiring just any old lawyer. In other words, they shouldn’t open the phone book and pick the first firm they see. Our firm has been serving Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland for over 40-years. That means the team has the experience to handle your car crash case with ease. We offer free consultations because accident victims shouldn’t have to break the bank just to see where their claims stand. On a final note, our clients only have to pay when they win. So, put us in your corner, and let’s get you the compensation you deserve.