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Taking Effective Car Accident Photos That Make Great Evidence

Taking Effective Car Accident Photos That Make Great EvidenceThe evidence collection process is an important one for your car accident case, and one of the most important parts of evidence collection is taking detailed photographs of the accident scene. With these photos in hand, your car accident lawyer Washington DC will be able to better represent you during negotiations or if your case should go to court. However, there is a difference between simply taking photos and taking the effective type of photos that give your case and your auto accident attorneys Washington DC the upper hand. Some tips on taking effective car accident photos that make great evidence include:

 Take plenty of general photos – General photos are a must in collecting car accident evidence, and it’s these photos that will show the overall “lay of the land” surrounding the accident. For these photos, you’re not too worried about the details, and more or less want to outline the overall scene from a few different angles. For your general photos, make sure to include all vehicles involved.

 Weather conditions – Washington DC can get rain, snow, sleet, and ice throughout the year, and if the weather conditions have contributed to your accident at all, photos should be taken to show how the weather has affected the roadways and visibility as well. Was there a heavy rain? Take a photo that shows limited visibility and the slickness on the surface of the roadway.

 Traffic signage and lights – If traffic signage or traffic lights are nearby, make sure to include these in your photographs, particularly if what these signs are alerting attention to was a driving factor in the accident.

 Physical injuries – If you’re able, take or have taken photos of any physical injuries you have sustained in the accident as quickly as possible. In some instances, these may need to be taken hours to days later in a hospital setting if they required immediate medical attention and incapacitated you from taking the photos yourself at the time.

 Detailed vehicle damage – When it comes to showing detail, your main focus should be vehicle damage. Damage to your vehicle, the vehicles of other drivers, and any property damage should be documented with close-up detailed photographs.

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