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The Evidence Collection Process After A Car Accident

 The Evidence Collection Process After A Car AccidentAfter experiencing a car accident, evidence collection is a very important step. If the accident is caused by another party’s negligence, this evidence collection process could mean the difference between a successful lawsuit and an unsuccessful one. Using this evidence, your Maryland car accident lawyer will be able to craft your case, and prove your need for compensation in order to give you the recovery you deserve.

Because those moments after an accident are so hectic, it’s important to know ahead of time and make yourself fully aware of what evidence you’ll need to collect. If the accident wasn’t considered serious with serious injuries, you’ll want to first exchange information with the other party. This evidence collection process should include exchanging names, contact information, license plate numbers, vehicle information, drivers’ license numbers, and registration numbers. Additionally, take photos of all damage to your vehicle and ask for witness testimony from anyone who may have been on the scene and watched the accident happen. These types of accidents will usually include fender benders, minor bumps in parking lots, and those scrape-ups that cause minimal damage.

For more serious accidents where injuries of any kind are present, the first thing you’ll want to do is call the police. When this occurs all relevant information will be kept in a police report, and once you’re able, you’ll be able to request a copy of this report to use as evidence while negotiating with insurance companies or pursuing a lawsuit later on. When accidents cause injury, keeping hold of copies of medical bills will also be necessary, as these will serve as proof of medical costs and treatments incurred after the accident took place.

Many drivers do not seek medical assistance or a police report after what they view as minor accidents causing only “bumps and bruises”. However, in many instances, these injuries can feel minor at the time but turn out to be something more serious later on. When medical attention is not sought right away, being compensated for these injuries becomes a bit trickier. Your Maryland auto accident lawyer will be able to better represent your case when quick medical attention is obtained.

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