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Tractor-Trailers Are Even Scarier Than Normal When You Are Involved In A Crash With One

Washington D.C. truck accident attorney - Tractor-Trailers Are Even Scarier Than Normal When You Are Involved In A Crash With One

Loads of drivers are afraid to get behind, next to, or anywhere near big-rigs out on the open road. Why are people so fearful of these eighteen-wheelers? Well, for one, they are much larger than conventional passenger vehicles. Hence, their sheer size alone is enough to scare other motorists. Then again, there is also the matter of what the trailer is carrying that can be frightening. For instance, many of these trucks transport chemicals and flammable liquids from one place to the next.

If the operator jack-knifes or wrecks, a massive fire could break out in the middle of the highway. Even if the tractor-trailers aren’t transferring dangerous substances, they are usually extremely heavy because of their substantial cargo loads. Thus, being in front of one of the trucks can be intimidating too. After all, the passenger vehicle operator may have to brake quickly if the traffic in front of them stops, and it is anybody’s guess as to whether the big-rig driver will be able to do the same.

As if these things weren’t enough, there is still more. It is not uncommon to see numerous trucks speeding and flying down an interstate. Additionally, the drivers can become drowsy and start swerving into other lanes because they spend so much time out on the open road. Still, these issues seem minuscule in comparison to when a person is actually involved in a wreck with an eighteen-wheeler.

Car Vs. Tractor-Trailer Collisions Are Very Unforgiving

The driver and passengers of cars, trucks, and SUVs often receive the worst of it in these crashes. In some cases, they lose their lives in the situations, and in others, they sustain severe damages like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and internal wounds. In other words, they have a long and expensive road to recovery ahead of them. Then, to make matters worse, these logistics companies have legal teams on retainer just waiting to discredit the victim’s claims. That is where a Washington D.C. truck accident attorney from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. can help. The team will obtain black box data, witness testimonies, police reports, and even have the scene recreated as necessary to prove the truck driver or organization was at fault. Interested parties can receive a free case evaluation with our Washington D.C. truck accident attorney to see where their claim stands without having to break the bank.

Also, they only have to pay if compensation is recovered. There is nothing to lose and a monetary sum to gain to offset their costs. So, give our Washington D.C. truck accident attorney a call today and get the representation that you deserve.

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