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Trucking Accident Discussions Never Get Old

Trucking Accident Discussions Never Get Old

Why do legal blogs, media outlets, and local news agencies cover truck accidents so frequently? Well, for one, they do so simply because people have a right to know what is happening out on the highways. Additionally, the pieces are utilized to ensure that folks remain aware of how dangerous the roadways can be. For instance, sometimes, tractor-trailers are loaded incorrectly. They might be over the legal weight limit, and the next thing one knows, the big-rig has flipped over on top of their passenger car while taking a curve.

Also, these operators spend numerous hours behind the wheel. As such, they can become drowsy, which is a big no-no. If he or she falls asleep, they could side-swipe a vehicle in a lane next to them or cause a multi-car pile-up if the traffic in front of them stops abruptly. Hold your horses and don’t go away just yet; there is still more. Some truck drivers even use illicit substances, often called uppers or downers, while transporting goods from place to place.

When drugs or alcohol are part of the equation, they can impact the operator’s ability to control the vehicle safely. Unfortunately, with any of these scenarios, pedestrians, passenger car occupants, motorcyclists, and bicyclists become thrust into harm’s way. If they are struck by one of these massive units, the outcome is usually never good. Death, broken bones, loss of limbs, and paralysis are some of the possible results. Those that still aren’t convinced how dangerous these events can be should take a look at some of these recent headlines from around the country.

  • Patch – Elizabeth Man Dies In Crash With Tractor-Trailer In Linden
  • – One Killed After Car, Tractor-Trailer Crash On Route 17 East In Tioga County
  • WFMY-TV – One Man Killed In Tractor-Trailer Crash
  • WVEC – 4 People Dead In Tractor-Trailer Crash On US Route 58 In Southhampton County

Hire Washington D.C. Attorneys To Recover Compensation

The common theme in the stories above is death. If your loved one passes away in a truck accident where the driver or company was negligent, your family may be entitled to a fair amount of compensation. The money can assist in paying for the deceased party’s medical, legal, and funeral expenses. Insurance companies and the transport company’s lawyers don’t have your best interest in mind. They do things like try to make it appear that the wreck was the victim’s fault or offer low-ball settlements.

There is nothing fair or just about these actions. So, put the Washington D.C. attorneys from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. on your side. Our team will fight tooth and nail on your behalf to obtain the money that you deserve. The initial case evaluation is free, and clients only pay when compensation is awarded. Hence, give our Washington D.C. attorneys a call today to discover where your claim stands.

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