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Unfair Insurance Practices May Leave Persons In Need Of Legal Assistance

Unfair Insurance Practices May Leave Persons In Need Of Legal Assistance

Regardless of the type of claim, many insurance companies, or the agents representing them, attempt to take advantage of injured victims. It doesn’t matter if the person sustained the damages from an auto accident, truck crash, or defective product, the insurer’s main concern is to avoid paying out a hefty settlement. In turn, the individual has to wind up employing the services of an insurance claim lawyer, even here in Washington D.C.

What kind of things do these companies do? Well, for one, representatives sometimes make errors. They are not always intentional, but on occasion, they are. For instance, perhaps the person forgets to sign a document, or maybe he or she left their signature off of the paperwork on purpose to prevent the claim from going through. Whether deliberate or not, actions like these can make a victim want to pull their hair out. It delays the settlement check or stops it from coming altogether. Other unfair insurance practices often include but are not limited to…

Negligent And Careless Acts

  • Billing Fraud
  • Failure To Activate Insurance
  • Misrepresentation Of Coverage
  • Improper Claims Filed
  • Neglecting To Reveal Policy Terms

Reasons To Hire A Washington D.C. Insurance Claim Lawyer

Putting a competent, experienced attorney in your corner can help you recover legal and medical expenses, as well as, file a lawsuit to ensure that your losses caused by the incident are recompensed. Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. offers free case evaluations, and the client doesn’t have to pay any fees unless compensation is recovered. The team will exceed your expectations by fighting with your best interests in mind and providing you with friendly, professional service. So, contact our Washington D.C. insurance claim lawyer today to discover your legal options. The firm is more than happy to provide assistance for all of your litigation, arbitration, and mediation needs.

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