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Washington D.C. Car Accident Attorneys For Bus Claims

Washington D.C. Car Accident Attorneys For Bus Claims

There are a couple of different kinds of wrecks that usually pop into one’s mind when they hear about a collision. They either believe that standard cars or tractor-trailers were involved. There is good reasoning behind this thinking though, as many times, those vehicles do partake in the crashes. However, there are other types of incidents that can take place too, but often, passengers don’t think anything will happen to them while they are riding on public modes of transportation. 

Many people, including those here in the nation’s capital, rely on buses to get around town. Folks use them to easily get back and forth to school, work, and many other places. However, it is important to remember that these large vehicles can be involved in crashes too. The driver and passengers alike can sustain injuries or even lose their lives due to the incidents. In fact, research from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that there were 227 buses involved in fatal crashes in 2016.

That number decreased from 263 in 2015, but still, these figures confirm that accidents can happen while passengers are on board. Not every crash is catastrophic and ends in death, but often, participants are left with severe injuries. Wounds regularly include but are not limited to…

• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Fractured And Broken Bones
• Lacerations And Burns
• Paralysis
• Neck And Back Injuries

Consider Hiring The Washington D.C. Car Accident Attorneys From Wingfield, Ginsburg, And Lipp, P.C.

Many times, victims have to miss work because of the injuries. Therefore, they have no steady paycheck coming in to pay for everyday necessities, much less, ambulance rides, doctor appointments, or surgeries. Don’t let debt pile up when trying to recover from the wounds, especially if the injuries were no fault of your own. Instead, contact our Washington D.C. car accident attorneys to see where your claim stands. 

The initial case evaluation is free, so residents don’t have to worry about breaking open their piggy banks or looking under sofa cushions for funds. Rather, they can just schedule the appointment and discover whether they have a case or not. The bus crash proceedings can be complicated and complex. The plaintiff must prove that the incident caused the damages, which is easier said than done. Plus, the transport company’s legal team will do everything in their power to discredit the claim. So, get the representation that you deserve by contacting us today. 

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