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What Should I Bring To My Attorney After A Car Accident?

What Should I Bring To My Attorney After A Car Accident? When you make that first visit to your car accident lawyer Washington DC, you’ll want to come prepared. Before speaking to insurance adjusters or anyone else, it’s always recommended to retain a car accident lawyer Washington DC, so you know you’re protected and represented every step of the way. Insurance companies will often look after their bottom line first, and you want to make sure you are looking after your best interest in a way only car accident attorneys Washington DC can provide.

So, what should you bring with you to your first meeting after your accident? A few things to make sure you have in hand are:


 Accident scene information – The information you exchanged with the other party or parties in the car accident should also be handed over to your attorney.

 Police reports and statements – Police reports, statements, and tickets drafted at the time and scene of the accident are crucially important pieces of information to bring with you to meet with your Washington DC car accident attorney. What this information will provide is not only excellent evidence for your case but a full and comprehensive understanding for your attorney as well.

 Photographs – If there were photographs taken at the scene of the accident, these should also be given to your attorney to serve as evidence in your case.

 Medical and psychological records – After an injury causing accident, your medical records are going to help to craft a big part of your settlement, since these will also be responsible for a large portion of your damages. Both medical records, bills, and payments outlining physical injuries and any psychological injuries should be included in the information you bring to the Washington DC car accident attorney representing your case.

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