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Why An Injured Person Needs To Lawyer Up Following A Car Crash

Auto Accident Attorney: Why An Injured Person Needs To Lawyer Up

Did you know there are plenty of car crashes in the US Capitol each year? According to the DDOT, DC had 26,459 total collisions, 6,626 injury collisions, and 31 fatal collisions in 2017. The year before that, 2016, there were 26,447 total accidents, 6,305 injury crashes, and 27 fatal incidents. Do you see the trend? All of those figures are pretty close to one another. Hence, as we said, The Capitol has plenty of car crashes annually. Often, such incidents occur because of negligence and recklessness. You know, drivers doing things like texting and driving, speeding, or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. When one party is negligent and a crash occurs, the other involved party is usually entitled to compensation, so you need help from an auto accident attorney.

However, insurers don’t always play fair. They often deny claims or only partially approve them. In other words, victims do not receive the money they deserve for injuries and damages. How can you combat this? By hiring an auto accident attorney, Washington, DC, from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., that’s how. Our firm has over 40 years of experience representing the injured in The Capitol, Maryland, and Virginia.

We will build a case that supports your position and have it organized and prepared for the settlement conference. It will also be ready for trial, should things have to go that far. While we’re getting everything good to go, you should relax and take care of your health. The auto accident attorney, Washington, DC, will keep you informed about the matter. They will be available to answer questions and resolve your concerns as well.

Hiring a lawyer shows the insurer you mean business. These organizations typically avoid juries because they don’t want attorneys getting in front of people with their injured clients. Let us fight for you, and you’ll be more than pleased that you did.