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Why Families May Need A Wrongful Death Attorney In Washington D.C.

Why Families May Need A Wrongful Death Attorney In Washington D.C.

Car crashes happen everywhere, both during the day and night, all across the country, including right here in the nation’s capital. Sometimes, the incidents are nothing more than fender benders and only cause property damage. Meanwhile, other accidents leave vehicle occupants with ailments like broken bones, fractures, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Then again, some events result in death as well.

According to, 40,327 people lost their lives in 2017 auto accidents. The District of Columbia doesn’t have as many drivers as some states. Hence, the figure may seem a bit small for the location. However, in 2017, the District Department of Transportation indicates that there were 31 fatal crashes. All it takes is for one driver to be negligent, though, and the lives of family members can be changed forever. Negligence often includes things such as…

  • Speeding
  • Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol/Drugs
  • Texting Or Talking On The Phone While Behind The Wheel
  • Failing To Yield The Right Of Way

Issues Families Could Run Into After A Loved One’s Passing

Of course, there is grieving and mourning that can be challenging to handle after someone dies. Unfortunately, other dilemmas can arise during this time too. For instance, the individual probably received medical care before their passing. In turn, the ambulance service, doctors, and hospitals are sure to send substantial bills to the person’s last known address. The family is expected to pay for the expenses, which are not cheap in the United States today.

Additionally, survivors will also need to find funds to pay for the individual’s funeral. That endeavor can be quite pricey. Most studies indicate that an average North American funeral runs between $7,000 and $10,000. Plus, if the deceased party was the family’s primary source of income, they don’t have any money coming in, which can make the situation that much worst.

Put A Reputable Washington D.C. Wrongful Death Attorney By Your Side

If it can be proven that the other party involved in the accident was negligent, you may be entitled to fair compensation. No amount of money will ever make up for what your family lost. Yet, a settlement can certainly help offset costs for expenses that were no fault of your loved one. So, contact a Washington D.C. wrongful death attorney from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C., to fight on your behalf and recover the compensation that you deserve.