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Wrongful Death Is An Unfortunate Outcome Of Car/Truck Accidents

 Wrongful Death Is An Unfortunate Outcome Of Car/Truck Accidents

There are plenty of negligent acts that can lead to an automotive accident. For instance, a driver could be texting, talking, or even playing a game on his or her phone only to rear-end another car. Speeding is another problem as everybody seems to be in a hurry to get where they are going. The issue does not only happen on highways. Rather, it occurs on side streets and in neighborhoods too.

Persons who get behind the wheel after becoming impaired by drugs or alcohol pose a danger to others as well. Their reaction times diminish, and it is possible for them to strike a pedestrian, vehicle, or even a concrete barrier. Many times, victims are left with severe and lasting injuries such as broken bones, fractures, or burns. However, on other occasions, wrongful death is the outcome, and even right here in Maryland.

Stats That Back-Up This Claim

According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, 486 fatal crashes in 2018 resulted in 513 fatalities across the state. 2017 was even worse, producing 518 accidents with 558 deaths. Meanwhile, in 2016, 483 incidents occurred, and 522 persons lost their lives. These statistics reveal how dangerous the Old Line State roadways can be.

Reasons Why Surviving Family Members Should Hire A Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

While no amount of money can make up for what the family lost, obtaining a settlement can help with funeral costs. Anybody that has had to plan a burial lately knows this for a fact. For those that haven’t, just take a look at this tidbit. Research from reveals that an average traditional funeral in North America runs between $7,000 and $10,000. That is a lot of money for families to have to come up with so quickly.

Additionally, if medical services were rendered, loved ones are often left with that debt as well. Surgeries, medications, ambulance rides, and more can add up in a hurry. As such, family members get an unexpected wrench thrown into their budgets. Luckily, there is something folks can do to offset these expenses if someone else acted negligently or recklessly. They can contact a Baltimore car accident lawyer from Wingfield, Ginsburg, and Lipp, P.C. to recover a fair compensation amount.

The team will build a robust, persuasive case by obtaining witness testimonies, police reports, security camera footage, cell phone records, and black box data if need be. The initial case evaluation is free, which means individuals can find out where their claim stands without having to break the bank. Plus, clients only pay if compensation is awarded. So, give our office a call to speak with a Baltimore car accident lawyer today.