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Insurance Claims Attorney In Washington DC

Insurance Claims Attorney In Washington DC

The purpose of insurance in any area is to provide peace of mind. Whether that insurance is for a home, a vehicle, or even a family member’s or business associate’s life, the goal of insurance is to let people rest easy, knowing a financial safety net is in place if the unexpected happens and repairs, reconstruction—or even life without a loved one—has to be accounted for.

In the ordinary course of living and working, insurance is, hopefully, not required. Still, if a mishap does occur, an insurance policy normally follows through by providing the expected financial support. Cars receive the funds they need for repairs, or a home gets the money it needs to reconstruct a roof damaged by a storm, for example. 

Unfortunately, there are sometimes occasions when an insurance claim is denied, and this is where an insurance claims attorney in Washington, DC, becomes a valuable ally.

When Contingencies Fail, Call An Insurance Claims Attorney

The majority of insurance claims are submitted, processed, and accepted without incident, but this is because most insurance claims filed are “by the book.” With a proper filing, sufficient evidence, and an honest incident with a filing made in good faith, there’s no reason for insurers to deny a claim.

However, there is a certain unfortunate percentage of the time when a claim may be denied. An insurance claims attorney in Washington DC may be the critical help you need to get that denial overturned and receive the compensation you’re due. But why does this happen? What causes an insurance claim to be denied? There are a variety of different causes for this, including:

Improper Information

This may be an accident, or it may be a deliberate misrepresentation, but if all the details aren’t correct in an insurance filing, this can be grounds for denying the claim. Insurance claims rely almost entirely on facts and evidence, so anything that contradicts or obfuscates that goal can derail the entire process. Even failing to have the required documentation available may result in a claim being denied simply because the claim can’t move forward without that documentation present.

In some cases, this may be as simple as forgetting to update a change of address after a move. In other instances, an insurance company decides there is a deliberate attempt to deceive. For example, registering as a vehicle as being parked/used in a smaller town to avoid the higher insurance premiums of being parked in a garage in a major urban center could result in a claim’s denial if the insurance company feels this was deliberate. If it is not an intentional attempt at misrepresentation, an insurance claims attorney in Washington DC may be able to help resolve this.

Improper Usage

Insurance is specific to a purpose, and that means that if an incident falls outside the scope of what an insurance policy defines, that may result in a claim being denied. Typical auto insurance, for example, is for private driving use, such as to get to and from work or to drive out to dinner. But if a vehicle is used for professional purposes, such as ride-sharing, or food delivery, this may fall outside what general car insurance is for.

Similarly, a home is insured as a private residence. However, if someone starts up a home business that involves renting the space out for short terms stays, such as Airbnb, and a guest starts a fire, this may also violate private residential insurance terms. An insurance claims attorney in Washington DC can also help in instances where the circumstances of usage may be less clear and lead to a possible misinterpretation of a claim.


Unfortunately, there are also some instances where an insurer may realize that a claim is valid, and should be honored, but may choose not to abide by the contractual agreement. This may result in either an outright denial or, in many cases, a lower amount than what the policy had laid out. When an insurer deliberately ignores professional ethics and legal obligations, this can often be one of the most difficult—if not impossible—circumstances in which to get fair insurance compensation when filing a claim.

This type of deliberate deception can occur in a number of ways. In some instances, it may have happened right from the beginning with an insurance policy where there is a failure to lay out the terms of the policy honestly, so you’re not even aware your incident is out of scope. There may be conflicts of interest at work, in which the insurer is acting in the interests of the other party and not yours. There may even be attempts at billing fraud.

If you find yourself in a situation where your insurance claim is in question, or outright denied, the decision of the insurer is not necessarily the final word. An insurance claims attorney in Washington DC may be able to appeal or overturn that decision. Contact us if you’d like to know more.