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Insurance Coverage Disputes

Washington DC Insurance Coverage Dispute Lawyer

Accident insuranceAn old cartoon shows an insurance agent selling accident coverage to the hero. Of course, the policy would only pay for an accident that occurred at precisely 3:00 PM on a Tuesday.

In the next scene, the hero has an accident. The camera fades to the clock (3:00) and the calendar (Tuesday). The rest of the cartoon shows all the comical ways the insurer tries to get out of paying for the accident.

It isn’t funny when you are hurt and your insurer won’t pay your claim, or offers a ridiculous low-ball amount to settle.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side is essential. And the earlier in the process you hire him, the less likely you are to say or do something that could undermine your case (such as signing a “standard form” releasing the insurer from any further liability).

Insurance companies have aggressive lawyers on retainer to deal with disputes. You need an equally aggressive lawyer to let the insurer know you’re serious. An experienced attorney will know what to look for in the evidence that the insurer offers to support their position, and can help you build up the evidence you need to back up yours. Your attorney will organize and prepare for settlement conferences and, ultimately, trial.

Your attorney will stay in close contact with you, and address your questions and concerns properly.

Experience in the field will help your attorney recognize a good settlement offer when he hears it–and he can spot a low-ball offer just as quickly. The choice to settle is yours, but you can trust a reputable attorney to advise you fairly and honestly.

An experienced trial lawyer will prepare for trial efficiently and effectively. He will tell you what to expect, and be there to present your story in the best possible manner. Whether that means showing medical reports or time/date stamped photos of the accident at 3:00 PM on Tuesday.

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